Today, February 7, 1996…It’s been a year since my abduction near the “Petro Marko” theater in Vlora. These words were read by Ardjan Vusho, a prominent journalist and journalist. In the diary of his wife Donika, he decided to read the diary. Written inside a black leather pad. and with many leaves It was very tense and excited Exceeded As much as we forget She appeared to us everywhere Like a ghost from hell We are born to suffer And leave this world unsatisfied All our life Is but an act Suffering to be happy He opened the diary and with trembling hands read I am Donika Malaj or Girl with a violin

I’m sitting on my miserable bed and I’m throwing all my notes and memories again I’m back in a small room Far from the center of Milan Far from the Duomo di Milano I’ve never been there because I don’t want to pray to God anymore Because he has no mercy It’s no use for me until now The faith that god has still stays with me Although I’m very doubtful Still I’m not rejecting him After laying her legs crossed on her bed all dirt and outside any condition of life She begins to He remembers her forever. Like in a movie you see in the cinema. She is already 26 years old. Married and taken hostage.

It’s hot outside Except a light wind blows from the hills and blows directly on the window of her old house Built a long time ago with money And now it smelled musty She was wearing sports clothes Her long, curly hair fell over her face and a little on the pillow that he gathered and put behind his head, so that he could take a good position to write his story

The wind that fell on her hair blew a little bit by little, And she kept straightening it with her hand. soon they would be filled with her beautiful and calligraphic writing Times were harder than when we were poor Pluralism brought many wounds big on the Albanian people, she thought. Many girls and women like me are on the sidewalks of Italy, etc. The long-awaited democracy brought disappointment, unemployment and extreme poverty. Anyone left alone and without support like me and like my violin waiting for me, it sounds like Once upon a time Offf.. She sighed and bent her hand to fix her hair, and to wipe some small sweat that fell on her forehead. She wasn’t very hot, but rather she was from the terror she was experiencing every day and night in the streets of this space, the city of Milan, the city that once dreamed of playing in its own orchestra. More precisely, at the ‘Theatre’ ‘La Skala’, where people could enjoy its music. Sitting on the red polyester chairs, and the ladies sitting in the the sides with its six floors, Let them enjoy her beautiful music And with all the reserved seats And when the red curtain opened, the announcer would introduce the violinist from Albania Tirana Donika Malaa Where she and her violin would play the duatrokitin as long as possible- Ehhh, she sighed. If it had really happened, would over two thousand people in the ballroom have clapped? Everything was but a dream on her old mattress that is not known when it was washed for the last time Folly, or war Within the species knows no boundaries, she said to herself Poverty and prosperity, Baras hatred and murder for survival Let one die let the other live Maybe they are physical or natural laws that god has invented since the beginning of humanity We too have to fight for our survival To die Or to live again for a few more years Or a few more days in the jungle of poverty and misery And the fight for a better life Today it has turned into a battle This battle does not ask about kinship, nor brotherhood Everyone against everyone She laughed ironically There was neither a patriot nor a citizen nor a brotherhood That we need each other As people of a city that many soon We are all cousins ​​But my brother was a wolf from my town He did all the black things to me He kidnapped me, sold me as a slave I am Albanian, so even those who robbed me, raped me are Albanians like me, Bile patriot of a thousand …………….

I introduced one to his family, but he pretended not to know me. The love of money has taken away all their thoughts and being human. I used to love the Vlonjats very much. I called them brothers and sisters. How many times have I helped and encouraged them to succeed in the work they had started

It never occurred to me that one day my fellow citizens would traffic me, already turned into criminal groups, turned into heartless people, so strong, they didn’t ask about laws or revenge They just want to eat, They eat you greedily And fatten their ghastly shame Those wolf brothers greedily have the motto ‘I don’t know who you are It’s enough that you have flesh and bones And sell them They eat you alive They don’t ask if you’re going to get stuck in your throat or not But grind your bones slowly and mercilessly like in horror movies

He took out the pen from under the pillow, took the pad that he had hidden in the hollows of the wall of the old house, opened it and on the first page he wrote in large letters the main title Ms. Donika Girl with violin History and events that should not happen… ….Aaa, Mrs. Donika spoke under her breath.. It shouldn’t happen..Hmm, that lady laughed. We used to have Mrs. Donika. called Miss Star, Miss Donika, Violin Girl

Everyone used to call him from the artistic secondary school in Tirana Institut, etc. He took his mind off the past a little and began to measure the pen with a heavy force ready to break it Even after straightening a little on his knees, he wrote the first words Milan, cursed city I joined the white color of the first sheet of the pad with black caps. In fact, I know how I got here. Because I was under the effect of sedatives. But I know how I’m doing. And what my rapists have done to me. Fellow Albanians mine, That I will take their blood and slowly drink it until we are satisfied with my revenge..Pasta spoke again under his breath. played the violin in front of the cordons of the communist police who came to oppress us, or kill us. And, how did you know what what did they have The girl who walked every day to the students through the squares with her violin and long yellow braids With a body like a runner Or worked in a sculptor’s studio More beautiful than the goddess of butrint Blue eyes, long 180 cm With sexy shapes like in foreign magazines…Pure breed Half-Malock Mixed Shkodrane from mother And Vlonjate from father ..He raised his head a little above the paper After thinking a little he lowered it again and added

She used to laugh at us. Donika is no longer there. Negative ending as the state security wanted. To take revenge on those who overthrew their long and bloody power. No more concerts, no violin, no more walks in the park Ikuuu c anything he evaporated In the end, Physics says that everything is temporary Gravity ages everything, every creature There is no afterlife There is no more….

Ms. Donika said ironically to herself, “There used to be this title” and shook her head in horror and revenge for what had happened to her.

Life was bad She wrote So we’d better not come to this filthy world Where predators immediately wait to bite and turn you into food for themselves and their gang of hungry and drugged And unconsciously Underline with a line right and in capital letters ..I will not leave this world without revenge…..Revansh she spoke English

Everyone will pay I’ll play the dirtiest game From the tiger and the crazy woman on the sidewalk We’ll be their death and poison Slow What everyone will pay from start to finish Even the boatmen who transported me from the sea to Pulja People for They are never the same to me. I am the way I want people. Nothing is the same anymore. Neither pain nor love, nothing is the same to me. Pain removes all the molecules or body composition. In this life, we will take revenge. I will not wait for God to punish you. There are parallel lives. Not even in the other world.

Donika’s father died early, leaving her very young. While her mother raised her and educated her, she remembered everything from the beginning. After her father’s death, they left Shkodra and settled in Tirana. Her mother found a job as a kindergarten teacher. They took the house that it belonged to her father by inheritance and they continued their life in the capital. Then the state took her and gave her a room and a kitchen. In the Tirana tractor factory, Donika wrote in her diary that it was a difficult life, but let’s call it good times. The girl was born in her father’s house, grows up with his dictates, and then adapts to her husband’s dictates Hhaha She laughed to herself and remembered her husband Ardjan Vusho, journalist from the north Correspondent of the newspaper “Jeta Sot”, a newspaper that was the most critical of Injustices, she prioritized working people even more, that is, she was not very fond of the party and the leaders.. Ardjani was and is her life, her love. He will kill me and they will take me from here. Remember, she said. He is two meters strong and very brave His revenge will be merciless She added again in the notes

So, riding on her own memories and Ardjani’s, the hope of her life, she began to remember her history, she began to write in large letters on the black pad…

It was the morning of September 1989. She was returning by train from Shkodra, where she had given a concert with her friends from the Institute of Arts. to the classroom and the room Ungrita early from the room on the third floor to the Rozafa hotel They took the violins and the cello They put them in their boxes in their holders and slowly take the elevator down to the first floor They drank coffee and left for the train station Twenty minutes away from hotel on foot They were almost the first to arrive at the station They greeted the station staff and with a slow step They climbed the stairs for us carriage number five Which was completely Illyrian Because surprisingly there weren’t many people today They said to each other Ishalla s’ “I want so many people,” said Donika, who stepped aside a little while entering the train. She also leaned on the violin case, which she barely put inside the train door, which was not very wide.

Watch out violincel, she turned to Moze and got ready to help him And so they both grabbed him together and got inside They took a few steps in the narrow corridor of their wagon and almost both of them said with one mind Shall we get in here? .. And after a short pause, Donika approved it with a nod of her head as a sign of affirmation. In the background were the bills that were moving everywhere, getting ready for work and departure for Triana. They sat in a place almost with two pairs of armchairs and doors that                                                THE GOOD TIME

were closed. So it wasn’t all for the general public, but for private persons, let’s say

As many as five people could sit in the two seats that were facing each other Red armchairs covered with leather, not leather But they looked beautiful They left the violin and cello on top of the train rails So in the seats, not in them, but on them And duke laughing and joking, they sat facing each other in such a way that it seemed that they had taken both seats. They would not allow anyone else to sit. And if other travelers came, they would say they were busy, friend. And of course they would continue to ask for other wagons

Nice idea said Donika, as she moved a little on the train seat and turned her gaze from the window to see if people would come or not. After a few minutes and the station would be full of travelers who used to do this line every day. We can say that passing from Mjeda, Lezha Laçi, etc. He took with him almost the whole north “Sit down, calm down,” Moza replied, “Here’s the way, we want to show you that you’re a memory.” Hahaha, she laughed a little louder than before. after a short pause, sit in your place, girl, because they are busy with you. She added after the silence, And let the fools go. Where can you go, pupupu? You are very mischievous. Moza Shkodranja finished the sentence Donika. That’s how she used to call her close friend Moza. in the dormitory at building 11 If Dona went daily to ajo dhe studjonin she and she studied together and spent a lot of time So that even Dona looked like a boarder in this building They were not in love with anyone except for lessons and musical instruments Moza flirted with pore eyes

Dona had never fallen in love and had only studied and worked endlessly on her instrument, the violin. After finishing school, she would compete for a place in the orchestra of the opera and ballet theater, or somewhere else in the capital, but she would not finish. music teacher, since she hates that profession so much

Because teaching music had become a stress for many teachers. Since the students did not attach importance to it as a subject. They also made a lot of noise during the lesson. As at the moment she was looking out of the window of the train, Hic, my friend, I don’t want to end up being an eight-year-old music teacher… Yes, no, the next class returned. You are the best student at the Institute by all means. You either teach violin or are in the opera. for sure… Yes – Donika laughed, keep it. Today, the friend puts the biography, etc. But not the ability. The children of the central committee and their subordinates are everywhere in good positions. And in the Ministry. Even outside, in the diplomatic service, she added.

And the mines lead them Here they are all under the leadership of the party committees of the districts It is a closed circle Albania is their sister She said a little in a raised tone While she buttoned her shirt again And lowered her chest a little with her hand so that how it looked so big that it would impress the travelers…

Moza opened her eyes a little more than normal. She was from Shkodran and normal because she was against the communist regime. She herself wore jeans with beautiful blouses and Taman hats like those of Rai’s orchestra. laughing Even today she was dressed like a gardelin singing on the wire… Dona wanted to tease her, but left her with the thought that she will tease her la Since this one had neither brother nor sister Listen Moza I only spoke to my mother once And she told me that she was once in love with a Kosovar ruler When he came to Shkoder fleeing reprisals from Yugoslavia It seems to me that they were connected together Dona added and chuckled a little. Well, Moza intervened. And you were conceived by the love of that king from Kosovo. They are tall and have blue eyes. Haha, Moza laughed. I found out why you are so beautiful and tall and smart. Yes, you are. geneticist, Koqe spoke after a while, Dona I, my mother has never cheated on her father Come on, add it back Dona Yes – she returned it Moza You left, save them You folded in your place because you are taking her Leave the dances, my friend, star finished the sentence Moza…. I couldn’t get anyone to put me in. Agree?

Yes – of course, the director returned to Dona And she turned her gaze from the window and immediately got involved in thoughts, recreating that love scene between her mother and the Man from Kosovo Pff Stupid, she finally added, laughing at her comedian friend as if Treni continued to fill up with people The rush The conversations of others and the whistles never stopped The bills informed each other about the availability in their wagons While Donika had cut the tickets from the beginning They cost five new leks each She took them out of her pocket and prepared them to show it to the cashier when you checked out She took them out on the counter that was between the two passenger seats She put them on the board with black glass Even with her left hand She ironed them After they were a mess in her pocket How she put them in her purse But in Boll’s pocket, as he drowned them while ironing them, he heard the voice of Moza Lej there, and the conductor saw them with a laugh. Moza – Dona raised her head, looked at her friend, and without any further words, she obeyed her friend without speaking, and let them go there as if on command. And finally he raised his head – So I fulfilled my wish, damn it, he turned to her. As if he is protecting human rights, there is no one here, no one, Moza returned to him, No, our tickets – Then they both spoke at the same time That they are only our tickets printed …. Hours that had come contraband from those who went out of Albania with various services, such as athletes, etc.

But to be sure she also looked at the sun that had risen above Tarabosh a palm And according to its geography it coincided with her watch in her hand Dona raised her hand again So that the sun wouldn’t blind her eyes And she put it down as soon as I showed the watch to her friend Then she did some I opened it and sat down again on my seat And left the conversation with him Just looked from the windows of their small room That in fact it looked like a small room with two seats in the middle …. Like a privileged wagon for some love scene or for people with position…..She thought, Ironically looking at the front view of the old Chinese train cabin

What did you say, Moza? Are you waiting for me to tell you, do you have free seats, friend?

-Why not watch Dona back. Maybe a handsome man will come and save me. You’re tired of me, but you don’t have a boyfriend. All our friends do. Come on, come on, she repeated ironically, as you know, Dona returned it. God does wonders. He brings you happiness and love where you are waiting. The philosophy of life has taught us that what happens is not the weather. of the train for today Because I’m doing a beauty contest today This is Miss Treni laughed to herself Moza Shkodranja Edi what am I thinking I’ll add after a while No said Dona how do you know I’m not telepathic Interfering in other people’s brains No – no You’re not But I’m telling you that I have a premonition that you want something, a star today. A partner like in a dream. Just as you are and yourself. Why did Moza add the cup of coffee, I haven’t seen it many times – Or do you forget that you Vlonjats, when you finish work, curse the horse laughed Moza

“I’m Vonjate, but, but,” she repeated. jumped into the air “Stop, you’re easy to laugh at,” Moza replied in the Shkodra language, “And then you blame me – Ahah, Dona laughed. It’s normal. It’s your fault. You make humor and irony, and then I eat it.” Dona laughed.

It’s not my fault that you laughed. You’re for professional variety shows, my friend. You came for violin cello. If you had competed for an actress, Moza replied. the Migjeni theater

Well, compete because you’re tired, added Dona Ske, no chance you’ll get in there

I need a biography, a friend with the first secretary, you have these- No – no -Varja- Kris answered her ass, Moza, you are just a bad person, No, my friend, no, this is the naked truth, Dona Ecila was silent for a moment, and I sent my gaze outside the windows of the train crossing the landscape… with its beauties And then Moza broke the silence

Come on down, the socialist and communist government together, added Moza and stomped his feet on the ground. Down said Dona. She also hit him with her own fist, her friend’s fist.

We are both in prison, sister, added Moza Shkodranja—Why are we in prison, Dona answered – Why are we telling the truth about what is going on in this village of ours, Albania?

How many million are Pyti Dona? It seems to me that there are three of us. I know very well that I am not a geographer

Yes, I know that you are not But I made a rhetorical question There are three million of us We also shave the fur of capitalism and revision How often did you look at Rain Make me laugh with the elders of our politics And with the illuminating lantern Hhahah laughed Dona We are just a great village What is it Who cares about us, what we do or what we eat. In the friendly world, there is pluralism of parties and opinions. Everyone insults everyone and doesn’t feel it at all.

We pretend to criticize capitalization. Even these people to the office, all the services, they bathe in Paris or Rome, with visits, with medicine, with all their clothes outside. While we live in extreme poverty, they have villas in the block, my friend. These blockmen also have a different face color from us, I add Moza. They are well fed.

And what do you eat in Shpia? A dish of leeks. There are no more potatoes. I look at the empty shops. Even the bread comes with rations. Bread in the village, and with rations in the city. that we eat grass and prison Spaçi And the principles as a violation – Rest said Moza They will listen to us and we have places ready and in the prison of Spaci A in Burrel There will be free places for us in Epra thanks for not having – Haha both laughed

Yes – yes, you are right, my friend. But I got angry and I exploded. Do you know that yesterday you spoke very badly in class against the party? It was a good teacher who didn’t denounce you. Beautiful, Moza Shkodrajana closed the conversation, what does anyone call her by her name? She laughed, Dona, except Shkoprajana, they say everything, Where did she go, Shkodrajana, did you go to school in Shkodra, etc. Come on, Moza, you are the deputy of Shkodra, it seems to me, No, what did you say? address all the people and the professors Shkodra Normal, sister, I’m good, beautiful and smart, she answered Dona, don’t you be jealous? Dona was looking outside and you didn’t answer… After a second pause, Moza spoke, You’re very beautiful, I’m useless sister you ore Otherwise we wouldn’t be so close to each other, wouldn’t we? It’s normal that our blood boils because you’re my aunt hahaha laughed Moza Donika said, “Yes, my aunt, you know, I’m a father. I saw your mother as a star. They even have a little romance. Haha, Donika laughed. While people passed by the door of their cabin from time to time, they didn’t stop. Then after a while in the glass of their cabin. A tall, blue-eyed and weightlifter-looking person knocked lightly. Good morning, this one said

Are you free Do you have other places Or are you waiting for your friends? Ardjani put only half of his foot inside and half of his head and held the glass door of the entrance with his hands. Yes, they both responded as if they were confused. from a job that they were doing without permission Not for free Ikemi spoke Donika The first to take her own It was as if it was mentioned from a dream sequence or reality It was once described on the coffee cup They said that you will find love on the train Even you will long live your future husband.. She then laughed and did not notice the importance But now it is a real scene after sunrise and with many witnesses, who verify what is happening Come on friend answered and Moza, After a silence She picked herself up, wiped her forehead a little as if she had sweat and invited the other one to sit in front of them. Donika and Moza sat down together. While they left the seat in front of them to their uninvited friend on the way to Tirana – Aaa flm returned to Ardjani who had only one a small bag and a pack of cigarettes in his hand. Not even any extra clothes or luggage, as they say. He sits in front of him. He opened the glass window of the train a little. He put the package on the black holder that was between the two seats without making a sound. And he positioned himself in his seat. He took out a newspaper from his back pocket and started reading it. Without speaking at all or without introducing himself to any of the fellow travelers in front of him – Those fools made signs to each other – How to do it? with the fingers of the hand with signs That becomes a person not in a normal state or deranged After this deserter left -Haha they both laughed but without catching the eye of their fellow traveler They looked very carefully at his body It was a normal body He looked very big and they had never seen someone so small

He had straight black hair, slightly brown eyebrows and blue eyes. He was almost two meters tall. He was taller than any actor, but he was also a boxer. They took him for a discus thrower or a hammer. They proved this. more

When they saw his forty-five-foot leg with a pair of white splints That looked like they had come from abroad Because they were of a well-known brand

They were speechless and waited for the train to start It didn’t delay and gave the signal to start All the whistles and conductors and the blue starting flags were ready and the train started Its noise passed into the ether And the smoke of its locomotive went up on the roof of the three-story buildings that were built near the train station

Of course, watching from the train was beautiful, but living in those cooperatives or agricultural enterprises was a true communist horror.

The train left behind Shkodër as a city and was moving as usual through the plains of these lowlan he city to go to the next station which was in Lezha

For some reason, no one came to their cabin. Apparently they took us for security. Or they know about Vypa…Or added Moza, laughing as always. She actually had the irony of the first file of any situation or event that It happened to both of us. They took us for vypa, so he spoke in a small voice, coming closer to Donika’s ear – What did she answer? Here you are, she said under her breath – No, she said – Why should he or the others listen to what I said, or not, friend? Yes – yes, I’m sorry, said Moza, I salivated when I saw you.. You’re Moza ulkonja Hehehe laughed with little Donika after she finished the speech near her head – Goodbye friend, small talk Moza This is perfect for you, two meters, and you go together, don’t you both have blue eyes, like brother and sister, you look like a god

Stay calm, let the humor go, Be serious, Dona answered back, We have people in front of us and we don’t talk to me la Like a minute or ten minutes ago

“You’re serious, so Moza said back. You have your husband in front of you. Shut up, witch. Dona spoke and gritted her teeth. As if she was saying I’ll tell you.”

Moza didn’t speak anymore, she obeyed her friend’s order. Between the two people who were traveling in the first cabin and with seats facing each other, there was no conversation and no premise to start a conversation.. Silence took over the entire space around And except people’s conversations and the sound of the locomotive running on the tracks could be heard mostly in their cabin The sun had climbed above the horizon and the temperature outside was coming and getting warmer or rising


It was September and autumn had not yet taken the place of summer As it were, they are changing places Agreeing with peace and mutual seasonal conversation The movement that the earth makes every time around the sun for millions of years

And it never stopped its ecliptic trajectory Not at all wrong by any degree the rotation as determined by someone’s hand What if the rotation was wrong thought Donna As if the earth ran off in a direction unaware of the pulls of the other planets on an undetermined trajectory or straight infinite space? What was going to happen? She went deep into her thoughts she didn’t feel at all, while Moza turned off for a few moments. She usually works like a broken radio, she just talks all the time. Where does that girl get all that energy? She always thought to herself, Dona. And she always ended up laughing to herself. There’s nothing like Moza, girl. good dear but also very smart and with good results in studies Educate that man Taman girl Shkodre With a lot of passion and ambition for life and artistic career and more

That girl also knows politics very well. She carefully follows all world politics, of course through Rai Stacion, which appeared all over Shkodër and Tirana. It was the only window regarding the world and the capitulation that the communists said at that time. She will make a career, Dona Ishalla thought to herself, don’t become a communist, come on, put up with this stupid guy who speaks and stamps himself – Hahaha she laughed


What did you say, my friend, Moza, did anyone remember? Shif, what’s in front of you – Let the memories come back to her – Shhshsh she made a sign She’s listening to us and remembers what we are We’re girls … Do you understand that the other one doesn’t take us seriously Ooo big head, stop talking Dona pore my voice is low They both kept their mouths shut because they didn’t want their laughter to be heard Pora

Ardjani heard the laughter and the words under the voice of her colleagues in front of her. She left the newspaper on the train holder and spoke – Other friends, we didn’t make an introduction… But I didn’t speak either so as not to be misunderstood by you. As you say, I’m using the opportunity to give you tease or enter into conversation-…………………………………..

Then I’m Ardjan Vysho Originating from my father Pejan from Kosovo While my mother knows who she is because I grew up on the child’s back At first in a district then in Shkodër – So I’m half Shkodran or Shkodran from Puke he laughed

The girls didn’t speak but only laughed a little And after receiving each other’s approval, they spoke to me and said – Hello, We are Moza and Dona Shkodrane, and Grandfather Shkodrane added Dona. How are you he addressed the two of them as he took the pack of cigarettes and put them in the pocket of his white shirt with long sleeves that looked like it had been wrapped around a giant not a human He ran his hand over his long black hair He gave you a tidy with the big hand and the bear’s fingers. He put her on the support and spoke – Are you an instrumentalist of the Migjeni theater? No, they said. We did a three-day concert. with his legs like columns bearing a very great weight on his back After a second, Dona spoke. I’m Dona, she spoke again. We are students at the Institute of Arts. In the third year of violin and cello, this friend – Moza, she added, grinning quite a bit and baring her teeth.

_Hello, Moza spoke again this Taman as if they had met from the beginning and not an hour’s journey together. He took the Puna newspaper from his hand and folded it into three pieces and put it in the back pocket of his pants. above are the violins? – Or not friend, he added

Not only one answered Dona The other one is the cello She’s the big one added Ardjani Yes, the big one I like her, I added Moza with pride You play my small body to a big instrument Beauty added Ardjani you are a charming couple Yes she said like you What like Ardjani said – It’s nice to have a great friend, said Moza, accompanying the words with a slight smile

Oh, thank you very much for the compliment, replied Ardjani, They don’t often say this word to me, he added – I said it, Moza spoke – There’s always a first time, added Dona

“Yes, you are the violinist,” said Ardjani and addressed her, looking her in the eye, “You have blue eyes like me, my girl, this one laughed a little. How can you tell me, we are surprised. People with blue eyes are few in Europe, but not in Albania,” he thought. Donat

Hitler didn’t harass us for nothing, he left us alone Arjan said yes, he called us brothers Arjan- Haha laughed Moza Medet that the Germans fled and we ended up under occupation The Russo-Slavic Germans loved us. They called us brotherly peoples, Pora added

maybe brothers with our father said Moza, always with irony and making humor, “Laugh you girl” added Ardjani, serious But our misfortune as a people is the loss of Germany in the war and we ended up under the Slavic power like us there and you here…And you who spoke Dona And the brothers Kosovar he added with irony

No, you said who spoke, Dona. Why, my daughter, added Ardjani. You’re a communist, a member of the party, so far away, she replied. No, I said, don’t be, and I’ll change the place. He sneered. she finished speaking

What are you doing, friend? You didn’t introduce yourself to us? They both said in unison

I’m a worker. I work in a mine. Copper is being mined in Koman. We’re drilling with probes. Then the mine will come and work will begin. So you’re in geology, Dona added. No, Ardjani returned it. I’ve finished high school with money. My brain can’t wait for more than that. Hahaha, the girls laughed. You don’t look like workers, but come on, we’re eating at the moment. But for the moment, Moza added – You should be the leader of group I. he said with irony Or you’re the boss to be exact Eee I am too There’s something wrong she added and shook her head with a bit of irony Inside

No, but you seem the strongest of the group, how to say it in the vernacular, he laughed

The strongest is my friend, male, 180 cm female. Don’t you see?

I’m looking at a very beautiful woman, said this And very silent, Not like you who haven’t rested all the way – Why, my friend, did you listen to us talking, he said with a question without an answer – Yes, the voice can be heard, no matter how low you speak, my friend a concert girl friend, I’m a student, said this student, so I agree Here’s an example, said this one Your friend doesn’t talk much but thinks a lot Or so it seems to me – Taaman, how did you find her, intervened Dona, who until now had only listened to the mutual teasing of Moze and Ardjani Who unjohan They are not lazy with each other’s stinging and ironic words

Well, why don’t you tell the truth, you don’t work, said Dona, I look at your hands Yes, you are a worker, but you are employed in a newspaper, friend, and that changes a lot

It is changing, but at the end of the day, I am called employed and there or not

Employed, yes, you are called. There is no private property with us. There is no way to be an owner. But you are called a worker-journalist Hhaha laughed. Dona took the leaflet – You are a charming boy. that again – Let’s hope they both spoke together – Let’s hope good friend and journalist – But why did you have such a big journalist and a boxer? – We’re surprised We had encountered such a guy before said Moza But, but what? everything has a beginning said Ardjani and laughed a little ironically at their confusion

Yes, yes, that’s right. You’re telling us in vain. We want to know. Have you done any reportage or what are you doing in our district, Ardjan said Dona Popo, I’m the correspondent for the north.

I cover the whole north. I am based in Shkoder. I have a room in the city behind the internal branch. I sleep there, I sit and cook there, sometimes he laughed.

Well done friend. They stay in Shkoder all the time? Or not, said Dona No, not three days there. Three days in the editorial office in Tirana. After the Bashkimi newspaper, we have the offices. If you have been there

No, we haven’t been, said the girls, I know the Voice of the People. that’s it, I don’t know any other newspaper

They said as if they were busy with guilt – If someone added this one, there is no time. The other newspapers will also learn that you are related to art. You are also genuine artists until you give us a concert in Shkoder.. They lowered their heads and said that they liked it. who called them Porë artists and who appreciated them for their craft Because not everyone liked their crafts that much If there was no place in an orchestra, they ended up teaching village music, in a faraway place Even thought of such a life for themselves so he added, don’t worry, because you have chosen very beautiful fairies. Maybe one day I will see you in the Rtv-Albanian orchestra or in the opera, how do you know, he finished speaking, while they raised their heads in surprise, not speaking but listening to his lecture Look, said Dona, we are excellent students and at the moment that’s all we know how to do. No one knows the future, but we will prepare hard for it. for this reason, we know that there are difficulties, because no one appreciates the talent you have, but only a friend and a good biography work for us

Yes, yes, well, I know this, Ardjani replied, “I support your word that there is no place for meritorious work in us. You also know. You just told me. Or-no? Yes, they both answered. We know, but we try not to have what should we do haha, this normal laughed, try it, persevere and you will win, but first, graduate well and then you will have reasons to ask for a place in good orchestras, or how do you know, he laughed

Why are you laughing, he said? Like it or not, we two girls go where we want

Let’s not close our eyes because you look at us so carelessly and we’re joking Or not, fellow journalists, they both spoke to him as always with the same opinion They both wanted to insult him For the irony he did to them But he points at each other Leave it hanging He understood that the girls were bored and spoke


Yes, my daughter, said this Pore, knowing what awaits you, I laughed at the reality. No, they told you. This is true. We reminded you that you are laughing at us and we are both of you. We know that in the law of the fight between the strongest, the strongest wins. the fort at all The law of the jungle added Dona Taman said this This is how life is built my daughter added this War, competition and happy ending Or in a black hole, in the grave, that is, We live in this socialist society that says there is equality for everyone In fact it happens opposite All the unskilled are put in positions everywhere In Albania Here the inequality is flat By doing this We are the last everywhere We have destroyed the motherland Socialism has only brought failure in all fields We Albanians have done nothing for our land You know or not

The story of those who only lie It’s not true Half of our lands are left with the neighbors And you don’t even feel anything for them Yes, I’m hanging, don’t take me as a provocateur I’m fine, I left the word They were silent Even after a while they thought to themselves This guy didn’t he is a provocateur, but who is worse against this regime than us? Why did they say Let’s pass the other way, that is, push the way since you are intellectual, said the girls. It seems to me that you have published a volume of stories these days, right? Am I wrong, said Dona? “Now I’m hearing your name, my God,” she added. we got to know Wë -Ddhe pretend to be a worker Well done for a while I’ll eat it Hahah both of them laughed And their hands met in the shape of caki Crack here Dona said Moza We found this puzzle Hahaha laughed Ardjani You finally found it well done ten moret… Yes, no, my friend, you seem like they don’t give you anything like that. Hahaha, he laughed, maybe, maybe But I’m employed, so that’s what they said. But you’re journalists, writers. Even the press, especially the newspaper Drita, is very good. wrote a lot of good articles Pro your books Or-no, the chicks keep talking – That’s right, he answered Yes, you surprise me girls… You have also read the Drita newspaper and you read it Yes they said We read and study in the national library almost every day We are not just instrumentalists. We are also lovers of poetry and prose

We read almost every publication that comes out

Well done, the journalist was surprised. I’m surprised that musicians read so much. I’ve never seen a gentleman before, he said. Yes, you found us, they both said.

Will you write an article for us in your newspaper? There are no such chronicles in my newspaper

But tell me the content of the concert you did and I’ll publish it in the cultural chronicles And then I’ll make a portrait of you for Drita newspaper – Did they really say that?

Or is the train joking? You don’t want to pass the time – Be careful, girls. I rarely joke, especially with two very beautiful musicians. Especially like my sister, who made me cry a l you know – Haha she laughed – No, said Ardjani But in general we northerners are similar to each other Because we are basically the same race We have the same customs and habits and many other things … They are not spoken but submitted to the affirmation of the colleague in front of the seat, that is, the Gaezetar of Veirut

Are you going to Tirana to submit an article or not? Dona told him?

Every week I bring the essays to the center and receive instructions for the other essays. Even the critical essays. Did you do them?

What about us? We are like a newspaper-magazine. Even a humorous one. We mock small bureaucracies up to company directors and so on. They don’t let us go further. If it were up to me, I would criticize up to the political bureau. I would expose these soulless scumbags and thieves – What about prison, that is, they said laughing Why about prison, my friend answered this Is this not the reality that we are saying They didn’t speak but silently accepted his story leaving the joke they told at the beginning

There is a danger of famine here, my friend. Go to the villages and see the typical communist misery. We eat grass and violate the principles, all three said with almost the same voice.

Come on, friends, I’m three today against the government. Below, the government said Dona that we’re going crazy Hahaha, the three of us laughed. There’s nothing below, Moza told me.

We risk our livelihood. We eat tea every day and marmalade in the dormitory I can say that it was a party organization, not a history department, he laughed

Especially he was a hero of medieval history A typical communist Ruthless, security spy The ear and eye of the party He had also spied on his colleagues by putting them in prison Terrible said the girls What was their name they asked Tanolo Saqellari with a duet he said I forgot his name Tanolo Saqellari Orthodox Communist said Ardjani Because Communism came to us from the Orthodox the vile Russians took our souls Our misfortunes are and will be Communism has long roots comrades – Here we are telling you It will take a hundred years to eradicate this weed he spoke openly the journalist finally said, Wow, they said Ardjan, they are listening to our bills and denouncing us. Yes, he said, this hangman, let them listen. This regime is too long. Eddie and the owl. The Berlin wall fell. I will let go of Gorbachev, said the girls. While this is not ours, Pisi added. This is like the medieval history teacher, laughed the journalist. He knew that I am a writer and I have published books since my first year of high school. He knew that I would never become a history teacher. He treated me badly. He told me that I had not obeyed him. and insurance for nothing When we had an exam, I remember in the second year I spent three days in the dungeons of Shkodra And in the middle of the night he forced me to give me an exam – What happened Than gotat Hic regardless I got a good grade in writing. He didn’t give me one. He forced me with banal questions. I resisted and cursed him badly.

Wow, this car gave you a normal grade, he said, out of the eight I deserved, he gave me two

Because I went according to the script. He knew that I’m hot-tempered. He provoked me and I took the bait. But he has nowhere to go.

Let the girls say that jacket, he’s going to die, he stinks. Yes – yes, he said. I had forgotten it, but you reminded me of it. He was smiling behind my eyes. My friends used to ask me where that famous journalist is, when I wasn’t in the lecture. How did I just say that I know, but I knew where the night was, I would have torn it up Hahaha, they laughed. Well done, brother, you escaped from his trap. And today you are number one in Albania. The writer sold to me, we can say out loud. the best writers, Dona said, I have read these great writers, I mean, how do they serve us? The security group, the central committee, added Ardjani Yes, and “Ask him again. How do they look to you?” It’s no use, Dona said. Copy Russian socialist writers. Are you reading in Russian? You don’t know who these or they are. Do you know Russian? Dona asked the journalist. I know many languages. I only know English and Italian. I defended them both with good grades. Wow, how well the girls said, ‘well done. As a student, at least he was a good boy. No, he said, I know all the subjects of that faculty. I learned from the past. I didn’t become a teacher. You understand. I was taught there and I was forced to finish it. But I wanted language-literature or a foreign language, etc….

In Edin and Shkoder, all the students with bad biographies lived there – Haha, the chicks laughed. Don’t insult Shkodren. No, I’m not swearing, but this is reality. I was with all the tenths in high school. the main subjects And these seemed to us like pastimes and entertainment I’m good at physics and astronomy for example Your mind is full – Jojojo they said OK There’s nothing to do When the time comes I’ll prove with facts that I’m not lying added Ardjani with a very serious look and self-confidence We don’t believe you, said the chicks, who were very confused by the story told by the reporter or the journalist of our train-Look, they broke the silence. We still believe that you are so famous. You are sitting with us. Like the lyrics of your song. train to Tirana .. After a short pause they said We really like that song that talks about love on the train to Tirana

What day do we sing your song? Did you like it, he asked? Very much. It looks like a professional inside, Dona said. You are a history teacher. Hahah funny. Think, the girls said. All this talent should end up as a village teacher. Hahaha, they laughed.

Emos, look now, he said.. I was a student, so I obeyed the rules. I have been to the police many times, even on the night of the geomorphology exam. to go to the exam in the late hours of the night They open their eyes .. But who did this the girls said in unison … Well he probably drank the teacher Because I was bad And despite the fact that I had gotten a very good grade in writing He put me in the notebook I still have that note I will post it later

Hhaha- they laughed, I had a lot of resentment towards you. He was a communist and strictly followed the rules. He attacked those who had violated the law of the time. Since the long hair and those students who followed the fashion. and poor and without support. Especially since I’m an orphan. What could I do to the regime? Hahaha, they laughed. You were against the government, journalist brother. That’s pretty much what he said.. This regime must fall soon. We’re risking a bread crisis, etc. Uli hand down from his chin towards his pockets and scratched his head a little Fix my hair And finally he said I look at the shops, I look at the poverty. We are worse than in Africa. Do you understand…Someone has to sacrifice on this road, but others are saved. Yes, the girls said, it is a very serious situation. And those who need to start this work are the students of the University of Tirana, Shkodra, etc. They added In response to Ardjani’s speech, If I were still a student, Ardjani said, I would have directly started a demonstration in the center of Shkodra, because I hate this communist burden that has been imposed on us. They slander me with fictitious results and lies. We produce nothing, and nothing let’s eat, finished Ardjani…


Wow, who is the enemy, the two girls jokingly said, Donika raised her head and looked at Moza in approval. What a beautiful enemy. He was very handsome, tall and very smart, Taman man, they said with signs. They both liked the journalist, but Dona How do you explain it? Moza continued. And she took a stand, leaning on the train seat. People we barely know. We meet on the train and suddenly we talk about ourselves and others. We open up completely, like in front of a psychologist. known…????

How do you explain it? It seems to me that you are young in love, she said in Dona’s ear, “Shut up, you fool,” Dona said, “The reporter is listening to you, and he told her this hahaha, Moza laughed again, and changed the conversation. You have written a lot about love, Ardjan, Moza said, and I don’t.” “You don’t have a rhyme for the party,” she giggled

I was lucky, my friend said, that the struggle of these classes sometimes lose vigilance and sit down. So I published the golden book. Before I even went to Zura high school, I placed first in the republic in the competition of Rreviste, November. And this opened the way for me as They told me to go to high school regardless of my biography Shanc said this While I put my clothes down on the floor How to get a helpful opinion… But everyone knows that I have a bad biography and that’s why they brought me to the Pedagogical Institute Because I finished with all ten high school I’m the best in physics and astronomy I mean after language-literature I like astro-physics more Ahaha they laughed Really? So we said, ‘I don’t lie to you anymore today, we fell together, I spoke to you openly, I know what happened to me today, I was broken like never before,’ he added, while he pulled the button of his shirt close to his chest, and took a serious look, but you have such beauty as you close and don’t talk It’s impossible for God said this…Really? Both of them said in one voice – Yes, brother, especially this Dona Qeka for the magazine cover, he chuckled. Did they really say that? And what will you title the cover, said Moza with irony. After thinking a little, he said yes, the girl with the violin, Ms. Donika, he answered both of them. That’s what they really said. Yes, he added. Your friend is very beautiful – Moza stopped her talents. She composes beautifully. We played her songs at the Festival, but they didn’t accept us. He said, “You are a composer, Miss Donika” and addressed her, looking her in the eyes. Dona looked at Ardjani with surprise and answered.

Yes, yes, I am a poet, he said that, but no one has accepted my compositions, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever again, was I serious, Ardjani, okay, I will write the lyrics at this festival, and you, the music, and watch it. Will they accept it or not?

She opened her eyes so much that it seemed like a dream, a dream of the train Then she shook her head and saw that she was really traveling Even that in front of her was the most famous writer of the time And that she had fallen in love with him More than anything else, he was very beautiful Northern ky-poo So much better for me said this Kosovar Athua god brought me Like in fairy tales Or as they told me in fortune telling? That said on its own…Show


Dialogue and agreements between Kosovo and Serbia, and the role of Albania in conflict resolution. Study written by Flamur Buçpapaj.

Dialogu dhe marrëveshjet midis Kosovës dhe Serbisë dhe roli i Shqiperisë në zgjidhjen e konfliktit/Studim shkruar nga Flamur Buçpapaj

Sqarim publik!

Flamur Buçpapaj The role of the intelligence service in the fight against hacking and new methods of infiltration in defense of law and the Constitution

FLAMUR BUÇPAPAJ: Rroli i shërbimit informativ në luftën kundër hakerimit dhe metodat e reja të infiltrimit në mbrojtje të rendit dhe Kushtetutës. Studim shkencor

Zgjedhjet në Kukës/ ‘Bashkë Fitojmë’ dërgon kërkesë në KQZ për t’u regjistruar kandidati i tyre

Romani “Doktoresha” për nga përshkrimi i Shqipërisë në diktaturë përngjan shumë me Afganistanin e Khaled Hosseinin, përmes veprës “Gjuetari i balonave”: Si Afganistani nën sundimin e talebanëve … Mund ta gjeni në te gjitha libraritë Për porosi kontaktoni në numrin: 067 53 32 700
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